Kids are unique.
Give your unique child's ADHD the attention it deserves!

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MedOptimizer™ for Parents:
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Monitor your child's ADHD treatment in real time!

MedOptimizer™ allows you to record data about your child's symptoms, side-effects and medication response any time and anywhere. By recording this real time data, you and your child's doctor will have the power to make more accurate medication and treatment decisions.

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Get detailed reports to share with your child's doctor!

After you have used MedOptimizer™ consistently for about a week, you're ready to request and receive your MedOptimizer™ Report. MedOptimizer™'s analysis of your child's recorded data will give you more insight into your child's ADHD and will give your child's doctor actionable information in the form of REAL TIME DATA that has simply been unavailable until now.

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"This app is perfect! I have learned so much about my child and his ADHD just by using the app. Now I know exactly what to look for and what to discuss with his doctor."

author J.H. Chicago, IL